Before you put the pheromones on the skin, of course, you want to know what they smell. In the end, you will use them among the people you want to impress. You want to smell fresh and seductive. Here you will find all answers on questions connected with the smell of pheromones and its effects on the subconscious of others.

Pheromones not perfume feromony pro muže
Perfume is a composition of different, beautifully selected ingredients that stimulate sense of smell. Smell of perfume is accepted at a conscious level. Perfumes because you want someone to feel their pleasant smell. Pheromones give a completely different effect.

The attractive power of pheromones does not follow from the beautiful smell. Pheromones are perceived through the body, nasolabial-lemieszowy. Unlike traditional perfumes, working on a subconscious level. Go directly to the brain, where they cause strong reactions: sympathy, rest, and even love. People in Your surroundings don’t have to smell the pheromones to be under their influence. If you can’t smell the pheromones, the pheromones affect her.

Pheromones is a dot over the „I” in spirits. When dolewasz the pheromone to their perfume connected their action conscious with the subconscious (sixth sense). Increases the power of their impact. Raised their spirits to an even higher level.

The smell of pheromones?
Pure pheromones are specific, recognizable smell. It is different to understand. About 30% of the population do not feel pheromones (studies at the University of California). Others define the smell as rare, intriguing smell. In extreme cases, the smell of pheromones is associated with secretions such as sweat or musk. Much like vanilla.
You never know who will enter, so a preventive cover the pheromone perfume. Spirits allow to destroy the pheromones. Manufacturers of pheromone enriched some of the products essential zapachowymi. So you can choose between pheromones „bezwonnym” and „zapachowymi”.

The pheromone „scent” smells like an exquisite perfume. No need to further close the water of the toilet. You can apply them on the skin in greater numbers. This category includes, for example, The Edge and Chikara.
Pheromones „unscented” have only their natural scent. These are, for example, Pheromax and BTB. It is recommended to use them together with the spices.

In most cases, a small amount of pheromone is niewyczuwalna for others. Moreover, you have the chance more often than usual to hear compliments like „you smell so good, is a new perfume?” even if you use the same fragrance for many years, and the only new addition are the pheromones. Pheromones enhance the power of perfumes.

Pheromone scent more noticeable to You than to Your surroundings. If someone will pay You attention to the smell of pheromones, it is likely the cause of this is improper use, for example, the dose is too large.

Some products also contain alcohol, so the smell you can feel in Your bottle of pheromones. The alcohol evaporates quickly, so after a few tens of seconds from the application will disappear.

Natural aphrodisiacs
Pheromones are pure and can smell amazing. Pheromone scent reminiscent of the natural smell of healthy, attractive people. May be, You will find this shocking, but the smells in a sexual context take on a completely different word. For example, with the smell of sweat, strong, stout man. And female secretions. Although the smells of these, not having anything to do with spirits, it is for the opposite sex are very sexy. Especially in intimate situations.


Important information for people in. Maybe you are using pheromones to influence the person with whom you are in constant relationship. Early in the second person can feel the least amount of pheromones. Even the floor drops BTB whether the NPA will be paid attention to. This is because a very close friend knows Your smell and Your own pheromones. New substances in the air over her on a subconscious level is perceived as the presence of some third party. If you would like to use pheromones regularly, starting with small doses, this phenomenon will disappear quickly. Then pheromones will tighten Your relationship and in intimate situations to significantly aggravate Your anxiety.

Pheromones smell like?
At the end a summary of the main facts:

menschliche pheromone

pheromones have its specific smell
– the smell of pheromones may be differently perceived, depending on the person who sniffs
– it is recommended to cover the pheromone perfume or the application of the pheromone „scent”


aka is an additional difference between the products?

BTB is the most versatile pheromones. For use on every day – from work, underlining intimacy in relationships, and to evening – full of passion – meeting.
PHEROMAX, UNRESISTIBLE – perfect for seduction in the club, parties. Greatly affects Your environment.
NPA and The EDGE – effect not only on the environment but also to a large extent on You – more likely increases Your confidence, decisiveness and assertiveness, and improves sense of humor. If you care about how to be more popular, sociable, cheerful, to be the leader of a group, select these products. They are ideal not only for seduction, but every day, when you want to be a man, aggressive, self-confident and person.
BTB, Chikara, Relationship, Perfect Ten is the products more versatile, not only for seduction, but also to use every day – during the consideration of important Affairs, in offices, in banks, at work, during an important business negotiation, etc.
Relations and OXYTRUST Pheromax is a product recommended to be used in connection. To excite passion, tenderness and desire.
Relationship is a product containing not only pheromones, but also a real, natural plant extracts that affect the psyche of people, is inhaled. Unique in the world.
UNR Man2Man is a product exclusively homosexual (gay) and UNR Woman2Woman for homosexual women (lesbians).


What is the difference between NPA and The EDGE?
We can say that NPA and The EDGE are one and the same products. The other, however, the use of them. Although most people use the NPA directly from the bottle, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations NPA is a concentrate designed to replenish your own spirits. In turn, The EDGE is a finished product for immediate use. The use of pheromone at The EDGE is much easier as limited to 1-2 psiknięć. NPA has no additives fragrant and apply it with their spirits. The EDGE is a product perfumowanym and not bind him with their spirits.


What is the difference between Pheromax Pheromax and OXYTRUST
Pheromax is a product created for seduction, Pheromax OXYTRUST was increased from the manufacturer 4mg Oxytocin, neuropeptydu confidence-boosting. PHEROMAX OXYTRUST is an exclusive version of PHEROMAX. A unique value not only in terms of seduction but also in business. Where trust another person for You is especially important. If you want to seduce, select Pheromax, if you want to further influence people, select PHEROMAX OXYTRUST.


Why not offer more products?
Together with the University of Nature in wrocław are constantly researching in the lab all the new products that appear on the Polish and European market.
Device laboratory clearly show that most of the products available on the market as a whole does not contain any pheromones or has too small quantity, so they can work. Because of this, will never accept them for sale. Shop you will find only genuine, existing drugs feromonowe, with a very high content of active compounds.

What are pheromones and how do they work?

Pheromones are chemicals that are naturally produced in humans, animals and plants. Their actions confirmed by numerous studies. These connections are used primarily for communication and attraction of the opposite sex, and strong pheromones for animals – also to combat competition from the all-too-numerous population of the species. It is difficult to determine the answer to the question, what are pheromones, because in reality they are a mixture of various substances, often with one dominant component. Much less necessary, and individual chemical compounds естествени феромони.
Do pheromones really work?

There are dozens of reports, research on the prevalence of this type of chemicals in humans, however, it is not known how pheromones work. These compounds are probably produced in small amounts, both women and men. Their action was not, although exactly as described, but udowod-niono that these components have a large influence on the choice of a partner of the opposite sex. Strong pheromones, not to say even that the strongest, occur in human sweat, mucus and secretions.
Why do men have pheromones?

Androstadienone is a very important male pheromone, the use of which allows to improve the image of a man in a woman’s eyes. Passed on it the aromatic signals are taken on a potential partner, as an invitation. Do not work, however, the principle of intensification, this means that will not cause hostility in people of the same sex, because straight men male pheromones have a smell neutral. This is very similar to increase its appeal in the work.
Can a woman use pheromones?

Estratetraenol, that is, the female pheromone, which becomes the content of the perfume is of interest in the surrounding men. Women who use the best pheromones to create the impression pleasing to the eye. Reviews on them are very positive Mr seems to be much more attractive, allowing them to build self-confidence. Nature uposażyła they are, however, great smell (especially when to become mothers), but sometimes she needs a little help feromoni.

Perfume with pheromones is designed for both men and women do, that once they subconsciously odbierani better using the opposite sex. Some fear that it may be a Scam, but when we dress up costume elegant output, we are lying to someone? Pheromones for men and women are something natural. It is only the element of self-care!


Pheromones are odorous substances are very common in nature, we distinguish them as plants, as animals. Humans have to increase sexual attraction and to arouse the opposite sex desire. Recently popular are synthetic pheromones for men and women.

Pheromones mean in the Greek language‘ carrying excitation’ (the name given to them in 1959. two German chemists: Peter Karlson and Martin Lüscher) and for many years caused a lot of emotions in the scientific world. The journal „Science” recognized the even that an indisputable proof of the existence of these substances is one of the major concerns of modern researchers.

Today most seksuologów recognizes the pheromones of male and female, are made mainly under the armpits, groin, around the genitals, anus, present in sweat, saliva, semen or vaginal secretions, is a very important element of the so-called ” chemistry of love. Manufactured and sold synthetic pheromones that cause sexual attraction to the person using them, to increase the attractiveness of the erotic, and to help achieve orgasm.
Pheromones for men meilleur phéromones

Pheromones, i.e. substances semiochemiczne are produced for both women and men to this conclusion leads the most recent research. The most complex experiments, results from years, the team American psychologist Martha McClintock from the University of Chicago. One of them involved women who are in prison. A few months a group of inmates who could not use perfumed means of women’s cosmetics, she wore a mouse cotton swabs that wąchały the rest inline. As a result, all the women stepped synchronization of the menstrual cycle, the researchers explained the emission of the two pheromones.

However, the pheromones of the male, and prompts stronger. Researchers from the University of Liverpool found that androstadienone, that is likely to a pheromone found in male sweat, or seed, to enhance their attractiveness in the eyes of women. During the experiment conducted during the so-called speed Dating, participants who previously powąchały synthetic analogue of this pheromone, to assess male acquaintances much more enthusiasm.

Also mentioned already McClintock argues that in men’s sweat and breath are the relations defining attractiveness in the eyes of women. Perhaps it is the pheromones that can increase sexual arousal, even 200%. Not surprisingly, the market appears more and more products that take advantage of this type of substances are very popular, for example, men’s perfume with pheromones.

They are used not only people who want to increase the attractiveness of the erotic. Pheromones are also used for sales representatives or members of top managers of large companies that want to make a good impression on your customers and kontrahentach.
Pheromones women

How pheromones work, of course, assuming that they really exist? According to scientists, primarily affect the brain, influencing the activity and the rhythm of alpha waves, and the level of hormones and neurotransmitters. Pheromones for men and women breathing through the body, nasolabial-lemieszowy, which is located in the nose, and then sent directly to the hypothalamus of the brain where emotions are born, and our instinctive reaction.

However, not everyone exposed to pheromones, because many people just do not have the authority lemieszowo-nasal. Scientists from the Military Medical Institute in Warsaw proved its existence, less than 50% of respondents. It also often occurs in men, so they should be theoretically more prone to female pheromones. However, the opposite phenomenon is observed, likely arising from the fact that a person produces more pheromones.
Pheromones work feromoni maschili?

Scientific studies have shown the effect of compounds semiochemicznych, that is, the pheromone on the behavior of people. For example, androstadienone enhances men’s desire to cooperate in the decision-making process, subconsciously concentrates the mental resources of a person on bodźcach about the importance of emotional, has a positive effect on mood and activity, and in women increases the level of cortisol in saliva.

The drugs available on the market, we find, first of all, synthetic analogs of pheromones, which composition and structure – according to the manufacturer, identical with the natural. Most often it is:

androstenone. – typical male pheromone shifted toward dominance, studies show that in large doses produce his prisoners, his large number detected in urine specimens of men who inhabit the purposes for which especially often came to conflicts;
androstenol – works mainly for women, improves their mood and affects sexual arousal;
Androsterone – wydzielająca his face indicates what is the type of the winner;
estratetraenol is a pheromone for women, makes a woman more attractive to men and increases his level of testosterone;
androstadienone affects the emotions, increases the heart rate and respiratory rate.